Zengqi Guo is a brand designer, type designer, and educator based in Boston. Zengqi works with clients and collaborators on projects across various industries, designing identity systems, publications, exhibitions, websites, and posters.

Zengqi holds an MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA in Environmental Design from the Beijing University of Technology.
Resumé and trail fonts are available upon request.
Email: zengqiguo96@gmail.com

Brand Identity
Type Design 

3D Work


Weird & Funny Things

︎ ML Cookbook
This project raises questions about whether machines can really think, and how designers might collaborate with robots in the posthuman era. I used the process of cooking to simulate the way StyleGAN generates images. In the ML Cookbook, the generator is a trainee in a cooking school and the discriminator is like a gastronome.  Does the Chef Generator literally “cook” tasty food? Or is it merely simulating the ability to cook real food?
Cookbook Video
Recipe Website

︎ What is it like to be a fiber?

Echoing Thomas Nagel’s essay titled “what is it like to be a bat,” I began my own exploration into non-human perspective of a fiber. This visual study focuses more on a composition’s internal abstraction than the external appearance we’re used to seeing. By learning from the process, I think about the question of how can we be more empathetic artists? What makes humans and non-humans different and what’s the connection between us?

︎ Gall–Plan 
Galls are swelling growth on the external tissues of plants, fungi, or animals. In an era dominated by nuclear energy, people suffer from death, mutation, and starvation. However, plants can always survive despite chronic radiation exposure by using their plant hormones and cell walls to reduce radiation effects through protein transformation. Scientists injected chemicals extracted from plants into human body and turned people and plants into symbionts. As plants grow up, they surround the body and become a protective shield for humans.

︎ Fortune Cookie 
I was asked to design a responsive website that can be used on a browser and smaller screens by only using HTML and CSS. I cannot live without Chinese food after I came to the US. I like collecting the notes in the fortune cookies. Many times the notes of cheerful phrases are exactly what I needed at that time, especially when I was depressed.