Graphic designer, calligrapher, illustrator, landscape architect based in Providence RI and China.

RISD GD MFA, Class of 2022

Zengqi has strong interests in branding, typography, type design, and making weird and funny things. When not working and studying, she likes laughing, cooking, eating, and watching all kinds of movies, maybe playing the guitar for a while.

Resumé available upon request.


E-mail: zguo02@risd.edu


In MiXeR, the fusion of uppercase and lowercase makes the alphabet alien yet highly readable. It not only breaks the hierarchy of the letter cases in the writing language but also represents the collectively desired and collaborative ethics of all human subjects and even non-humans. All the letter cases should have the same right of speaking in the same volume without losing the characteristic of each individual because difference is allowed to exist. It’s not either/or, instead, it is and/and. The new closed relationship, the intertwined structure that comes with the consonant voice of the new alphabet here, is a visual manifesto of our posthuman future.

MiXeR has been selected to receive funding from the Gonda Social Justice Fund.

Exhibition: RISD GD Triennial 2021

 ︎Middle Case | MiXeR