Graphic designer, calligrapher, illustrator, landscape architect based in Providence RI and China.

RISD GD MFA, Class of 2022

Zengqi has strong interests in branding, typography, type design, and making weird and funny things. When not working and studying, she likes laughing, cooking, eating, and watching all kinds of movies, maybe playing the guitar for a while.


E-mail: zguo02@risd.edu


I was asked to design a responsive website that can be used on a browser and smaller screens by only using HTML and CSS. I cannot live with Chinese food since I came to the US and I like collecting the notes in the fortune cookies. Many times the notes of cheerful phrases are exactly what I needed at that time, especially when I was depressed. It is the serendipity that I enjoy.


︎ Fortune Cookie 幸运籤饼