Graphic designer, calligrapher, illustrator, landscape architect based in Providence RI and China.

RISD GD MFA, Class of 2022

Zengqi has strong interests in branding, typography, type design, and making weird and funny things. When not working and studying, she likes laughing, cooking, eating, and watching all kinds of movies, maybe playing the guitar for a while.


E-mail: zguo02@risd.edu


NewBlackletter is a display typeface inspired by a signwriter’s and letter painter’s sample book in the nineteenth century. I was drawn to one piece of works in the chromolithograph sample that shows a highly decorative Blackletter surrounded by organic ornaments with striking red color because of the increasing popularity of advertising in the nineteenth. In my reinterpretation, NewBlackletter eliminated the complexity while still retaining the Blackletter’s characteristics and increasing its functionality, and establishing a unified standard. NewBlackletter is composed of geometrical shapes, and the circle specifies all the curve parts.

Size:11*17 inch
︎ Display Typeface Blackzoey Specimen Book