A graphic designer based in Providence RI, and Beijing China.

Zengqi Guo has strong interests in branding, typography, type design, calligraphy, web design, and making weird and funny things. 

Resumé is available upon request.
E-mail: zengqiguo96@gmail.com

Type Design 

Weird & Funny Things
3D Work


Once Upon A Time is a documentation of a trip to the Chihuahuan Desert and a specimen poster collection of four experimental typefaces inspired by this desert trip. One side of each sheet tells the story of what we learned from this unique desert experience, and the other side shows using design as a response to environmental factors. The Desert environment is alien to most people, so this publication is dedicated to bringing familiarity to unfamiliarity while using the novel perspective to make a narrative in-between reality and illusionary unreality by using experimental typefaces to change the legibility.

Collaborator: Sabrina Ji (MFA, GD, 2022)
Photography: Zeyuan Ren (MFA, PHOTO, 2023)

Typeface: Inter, Valor

︎ Once Upon A Time 


Identity system for the RISD Grad Show 2022 exhibition. The system was applied to a range of formats including a website, various-sized posters and banners, print ads, digital ads, and social media.

Collaborator: Sabrina Ji (MFA, GD, 2022)

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Identity system for Harbin Ice&Snow Festival. Inspiration comes from the fact that no snowflake is the same, representing variability and diversity. Black and white are used to distinguish between daytime and nighttime activities. 

︎ Harbin Ice&Snow Festival 


In MiXeR, the fusion of uppercase and lowercase makes the alphabet alien yet highly readable. All the letter cases should have the same right of speaking in the same volume without losing the characteristic of each individual because the difference is allowed to exist. The new closed relationship, the intertwined structure that comes with the consonant voice of the new alphabet here, is a visual manifesto of our posthuman future.

Published by Draw Down
First edition, 2022
 ︎Middle Case | MiXeR 


Echoing Thomas Nagel’s essay titled “what is it like to be a bat,” I began my own exploration into non-human perspective of a fiber. This visual study focuses more on a composition’s internal abstraction than the external appearance we’re used to seeing. By learning from the process, I think about the question of how can we be more empathetic artists? What makes humans and non-humans different and what’s the connection between us?

UV prints on acrylic
︎ What is it like to be a fiber?